A MUST READ FOR EVERY BELIEVER – The Missing Link To A Prosperous Life: Your Local Church by Pastor Diane Miller.
In order for believers to prosper as God has predestined us to, we must submit ourselves to God’s plan and to His order. God’s call on every Christian is to work together for the glory of His Kingdom. This book is vital for Christians today to understand God’s divine order that they may flourish in every area of their lives. This book looks at the importance of the pastor and the local church and how they affect your prosperity and are vital to your protection in these last days. Discover how honoring authority helps us to walk in authority. Learn how to find your wealthy place, fulfill your destiny, and the real truth about submission. If you have a heart for God and want to see His will done in this Earth then this book will without fail prove to be a treasure to you. It will inspire you to have a passion for God’s Kingdom, for His work, and for His people. Truly you will know what it means to have and enjoy a prosperous life. Click on the book cover to order.


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Gender Save

Rev. Noah Bower is the founder and driving force behind GenderSave, an international ministry devoted to upholding the sanctity of life while serving women and saving female infants and children from gendercide practices. In India, Mr. Bower’s birth country, gendercide practices are devastating the female population and creating social issues such as increased violence against women. Called to ministry at a young age, Mr. Bower has witnessed the destructive practices of gendercide firsthand. During his ministerial travels throughout India, he has encountered women and children facing starvation and homelessness, mothers mourning the loss of multiple babies to abortion, and men suffering the loss of women in their culture. Mr. Bower has an orphanage that cares for 118 orphan children who were rejected and sold for sex trade. His passion to feed and care for orphan and hungry children take him to the streets where Noah finds hungry dying children and he brings them to the orphanage for immediate medical care, nourishment, food, clothing and education. Churches he has planted are striving to teach a new value system to the Indian people. A value system in which all life is valued and families learn to greet each child with joy. Together with his family, Mr. Bower oversees a thriving Christian day school for children of the poor and destitute in central India, AFCM Training Institute throughout the country, and churches planted through his ministry. Through education and spiritual training lives are being changed and values are shifting. Mr. Bower’s passion is to see India experience the life giving love of Jesus Christ. He is a champion for women and children and works tirelessly to bring the gospel message of love, hope and peace to India.

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